NeoG Adventures by K.B. Wagers


It is the mission of the Near-Earth Orbital Guard to ensure the safety and security of the Sol system and the space around any additional planets that human beings call home.

A Pale Light in the Black
Cover of A Pale Light in the Black by K.B. Wagers, white NeoG ships flying away from Jupiter against the black/star background of space.
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Hold Fast Through the Fire
Cover of Hold Fast Through the Fire by K.B. Wagers, two white space-suited NeoG crew members in space above Jupiter watching a station explode in the background.
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The Ghosts of Trappist
Cover of Ghosts of Trappist by K.B. Wagers, NeoG ships battle it out with pirate ships against a purplish space background.
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K.B. Wagers:

Science fiction author under pressure. Approach with caution (and preferably with coffee). 


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“The Ghosts of Trappist”

NeoG—the Near-Earth Orbital Guard, a diverse military force that patrols and protects the solar system, inspired by the real-life mission of the Coast Guard—and the crew of Zuma’s Ghost are under attack, and shocking truths are about to be exposed.
What the black takes should stay in the black.


Hardcover – June 27, 2023


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