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K.B. Wagers is the author of the NeoG Adventures from Harper Voyager and the the Indranan and Farian War trilogies from Orbit Books. They are a fan of whiskey and cats, Jupiter Ascending and the Muppets. You can find them on Twitter @kbwagers and Instagram @midwaybrawler for political commentary, plant photos, and video game play-throughs.


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More About the Author

K.B. Wagers has a bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies and their non-fiction writing has earned them an Air Force Space Command media contest award for best guest writer. A native of Colorado, they currently live in the north of the state with plenty of access to hiking trails. They are a firm believer in the important of rest and have given several talks on burnout and the deluge of toxic productivity especially in the publishing industry.

K.B. has an avid interest in martial arts and non-violence, seeing these two things as flip sides of the same coin rather than paradoxical ideas. They enjoy whiskey and coffee in unequal measure, would gladly live in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Horizon Zero Dawn (until they were felled by a machine most likely), and have possibly more plants than a human should own. During the hockey season you can find them buried under an Avalanche and the rest of the year they dream of the sound of skates on ice.

PR Contacts

They are represented by Andrew Zack of the Zack Company. You can find them on Twitter & TikTok @kbwagers and Instagram @midwaybrawler for morning coffee thoughts, political commentary, plant photos, and video game play-throughs.

Agent: Andrew Zack @ The Zack Company