Harper Voyager is proud to announce a unique science fiction publication featuring a military force that patrols and protects space, that is inspired by the real-life terrestrial ideas and missions of the Coast Guard. Called NEO-G, the idea originated in the Harper Voyager offices as a conversation between Editorial Director David Pomerico and his then-colleague, Kelly O’Connor, and was developed in collaboration with author K.B. Wagers, known for her critically-acclaimed Indranan space opera series.

Pomerico knew Wagers had the voice and talent to develop a world in which Earth’s military expanded beyond its atmosphere, and together they conceived the Near-Earth Orbital Guard, or Neo-G. The book centers on the rivalry between military branches, which plays out through the Boarding Games—a competition pitting service members against each other to see just who is best in events like tactical problem is solving, piloting, fencing and martial arts, and, of course, boarding actions. And while other military science fiction features the exploration and defense of far-flung reaches of space, the Neo-G protects the area closer to home—a force we could very well see in our own lifetime. Made up of a band of retired veterans and raw recruits with sub-par equipment and the scorn of the military establishment, the NEO-G are the ultimate underdogs.

Said Pomerico: “While there has been near-Earth military science fiction, no one has focused on a unit that functions like the Coast Guard. We knew that this was something we wanted to read about. So, we approached Wagers to partner with us on creating a publishing plan to make the world of NEO-G a fictional ‘reality’ and explore space in a way that hasn’t been done before.

“Swords might be involved.”

Said Wagers: “When David approached me with the idea, I was very intrigued. Military science fiction stories often are grand adventures about alien invasions and fate of humanity and all that. However, the scope for this is so—amusingly—down to earth. The NEO-G books are going to be a departure from the grimdark futures and instead focusing on a moment in time when humanity is at its best. This will be accessible science fiction with interesting characters and exciting action. Plus, we’re going to have all the things I know I love reading about: found family, snarky siblings, explosions, and triumphant celebrations.”

“We are proud that Wagers agreed to develop NEO-G: our visions for the direction of the books are perfectly aligned; her creativity will bring life beyond our atmosphere, with characters and adventures you’re going to connect with immediately,” said Pomerico.

The first book in the NEO-G series comes out in hardcover in Spring 2020 from Harper Voyager, starting with A PALE LIGHT IN THE BLACK. There are currently two books planned in the series, with the option to continue.